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Ben Nihi was born on Oahu on September 11, 1946, and in 1973 chose Kaua'i as his home.

Here, Uncle Ben shares with us his Hawaiian perspective on how to live in harmony.


"A kupuna taught me a long time ago that if I can really listen, then I can know if something is true in my own self. My feelings will tell me if it clicks and flows. Because I didn't have a Mom and Dad, and was raised by my grandparents, I had to go to a lot of other people to find out what the truth was. But sometimes things didn't match up --- when people would say one thing and do another, I learned that I had to discern carefully."


"So, I don't want to just give people my slant and my ideas. I want for them to really listen and find out what's true in themselves -- because each one is different, according to what they were brought up with and what they had to address in their lives. Each person's background brings a different feeling to the situation. So when we hear a point of view, we must then ask, "How does it match up with my own experience and background?"


"Everyone came to this place because they wanted to, for their own reasons. But the sharing is the key, and it will eventually create the whole overall situation. The feelings make a relationship a sharing thing or a what-can-I-get sort of thing. Any relationship grows only with sharing and trust, and when truth is there. It's built as an ongoing thing, getting to know each other over time."


"And you have to build a relationship in order to be able to work on it. Doing ho'oponopono is the Hawaiian way to bring righteousness to a relationship -- not only to set it right, but to complete whatever the issue is and not leave it hanging, so that it can be over and never have to be brought back. We won't start ho'oponopono unless we know we're going to complete the process. So, at the start, we have the end in sight, even though the process will have hard places, at least we know that our agreement from the start is to get through it. And this can be useful in all matters on our island."

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