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The following is a summary of our movie presentations on Kaua'i:

A big thanks to all of you folks who came out to see our first movie about our beloved Queen, Hawai'i's Last Queen ! Even malihinis know that, when the local people, especially Hawaiians, ponder the life of our last Queen, emotions run high. It was an emotional evening and you folks were brave enough and courageous enough to weather it out with us. You folks showed great respect by not leaving when the movie credits started. I for one always consider the credits DEPRESSING for any and all movies. We deeply appreciated your insightful comments about these lovely islands, the only Hawaiian Nation that most of us ever think about seriously.

Then back to the Kapa'a Neighborhood Center for our next movie "The Conquest of Hawai'i". This movie has the interesting historical perspective that Hawai'i was doomed from the time that the first tectonic plate ruptured ! But we saw new things about it at our discussion after the movie. Please recall that we welcome all and every observation that you yourself feel is worth noting. Please try to participate by vocalizing your reactions to our meeting of minds and hearts. Thank you for keeping an eye out for the dates and times on our flyers posted around the island.

We showed "The Taking of Waikiki" about Dillingham

We showed "Then There Was None".

Then we showed "Noho Heva" again on Kaua'i.

On Sunday March 28th at 1:00 PM at the Kapa'a Neighborhood Center Mana Oha showed the movie "Hawai'i---A Voice for Sovereignty". This turned out to be a real discussion session because some real themes and lines of thought are developing within our group. We want to know what you folks have come across in your own private researches about the Kanaka Maoli and their destiny. We had a gratifying turn out. Our audience got to read a letter from the movie- maker herself. Catherine Bauknight thanked us for showing the movie. She has plans for the movie in Pasadena, CA as well as a trip to Russia. Justice is the issue all over the planet. We had in our audience a native Canadian, Ms. McGregor, who related to us similarities to Hawai'i.

Then we watched a brand new movie "Nation Within". This was a scholarly movie that was almost rejected as too boring and long. It covered the period from 1893 to 1898. Ben was impressed by the coverage on Joseph Nawahi, an organizer from Puna on the Big Island. Once the government was overthrown, resistance to annexation took center stage. Former patriotic statesmen were thrown onto the street where they worked from “civic clubs” organizing various "petition drives" in resistance to annexation and disenfranchisement. Joseph Nawahi, accent on the last syllable, rallied Hawaiians with his "Lei Stand Speech" where he warned that the only use that the new government had for Hawaiians was to string plumeria flowers. Our Queen loved him.

To any Hawaiian National, there is available a virtual "time machine" wherein you yourself can experience the year 1893 in Honolulu in 1,400 pages. Very much as a Child of Abraham can witness the sacrifice of Issac on the altar, you can see for yourself what happened at 'Iolani Palace in 1893.

"...... For twenty years after Reconstruction, James Blount represented the Sixth District of Georgia (Macon and middle Georgia) in the U.S. House of Representatives. Serving from 1873 to 1893, he was among the southern Democrats known as the Redeemers. Unlike some southern congressmen who separated themselves from national issues, Blount gained the respect of national Democrats and served as chair of both the Post Office Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. In foreign affairs, he opposed imperialist expansion in the late 1880s and early 1890s. Immediately upon his retirement from Congress in 1893, U.S. president Grover Cleveland appointed him special commissioner with "paramount authority" to investigate the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom by American residents of the islands. The report that he submitted to Cleveland stands as his most notable achievement....."

The Blount Report James Blount arrived within 90 days of the "regime change"! Here's a documented conversation with the French Ambassador.
Decision December 18, 1893 Self- Incrimination !
Joseph Nawahi Our Queen loved this kanaka maoli.
The Suppressed Ku'e Petition Nawahi's Alternative to Voting
The Case for Samoan Independence The Fraudulent 1959 Ballot
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