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I, Ben Nihi, cannot participate in CONTINUAL genocidal activities like this ! There are alternatives to this.

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"As protesters who have been camping on the Big Island mountain traveled to Oahu, three or so remained behind in case workers attempt to resume construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope, said Kaho'okahi Kanuha, one of the leaders against the $1.4 billion project."


Grid Lock O'ahu


"Many who live on the island's West side leave their homes at 3 or 4 a.m. to beat traffic as they drive into town, and then sleep in their cars in mall parking lots or on residential streets before going to work. They eat their meals together as a family in the car, or their in-laws and neighbors pick their children up from school."

Aloha Movie


"Introducing a May 26 advance screening at a Los Angeles theater, Crowe seemed to dismiss his detractors, pithily saying, "Lots has been heard from people who have never seen the movie." In any case, the most controversial thing about Aloha may be Crowe's casting of Hawaiian independence leader Dennis "Bumpy" Kanahele. Despite the typical Hollywood disclaimer during the closing credits about the motion picture's characters being fictitious, Kanahele is very much a real person and the non-actor plays an onscreen version of himself bearing the same name."

Sally Jewell


"What is sad is that there wouldn't have been any Japanese Internment camps here in Hawaii or even in Utah, yes all the way in Utah, I saw them with my own eyes, if the US hadn't illegally occupied Hawaii, THAT IS A FACT. Japan always had EXCELLENT relations with the Hawaiian Kingdom... Hey DOI how about donating 3 million dollars towards the protection of Mauna Kea, already a Conservation District? Hmmmm yeah that's what I thought, NEVER MIND WE DO IT OURSELVES! " --- Theresa Keohunani Taber




"Part 47 seeks to clarify for the State and the beneficiaries the Department of the Interior's land exchange review process when Hawaiian home lands are involved, the documents the Department will use for the review, and the standards to be used in that review."


"Part 48 seeks to clarify for the State and the beneficiaries the steps the Department will take to review proposed amendments to the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act and the standards to be used in that review."


The Blount Report James Blount arrived within 90 days of the "regime change"! Here's a documented conversation with the French Ambassador.
Decision December 18, 1893 Self- Incrimination !
Joseph Nawahi Our Queen loved this kanaka maoli.
The Suppressed Ku'e Petition Nawahi's Alternative to Voting
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Hawaiian Homes Commission Prince Jonah Kuhio
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